What is Visionary Tattooing?

"Visionary art begins by listening to the inner voices and inner perception of the soul."  - Alex Grey

Today Alex Grey is largely responsible for the spread of Visionary Art into the Tattoo world.  Visionary Art is the idea that art is a method of transportation, transformation, healing, and spiritual awakening. 

Visionary Art encompasses the infinite experience of collective consciousness; in contrast, tattooing in the past has been a secluded experience. The convergence of the infinite and personal is Visionary Tattoo. Visionary Tattoo is made in a safe space where the art is not the end product, but the tool, which is used to discover what is beneath the surface of your mind, body and spirit.

The act of tattooing is sacred, and when the artist and client alike treat it that way, the tattoo becomes a reminder of the greatness one finds during this journey. We access the spark that animates us, through sacred modification of the exterior, which acts as a key to the door inside yourself

 Noel'le Longhaul states: "Tattooing is rooted in listening to the places we overlap--the point where our sense of self merges with our sense of others, where our bodies dissolve into our environment, where our present self dissolves into our memory or glimmers of ourselves as old people with faded maps spiderwebbing across our bodies. The process of tattooing is then a powerful synthesis of all of those fields of overlapping."