About Noel’le

I focus on tattooing as a supportive and collaborative endeavor. I desire to create a space where it is safe and possible to be vulnerable, open, and honest. I generate imagery alongside and partnered with my clients, communicating throughout.

I am a gender-nonconforming person that uses they/them/theirs or she/her/hers pronouns. I have been working primarily with queer folk for many years, and am particularly interested in supporting people in their process of building homes for their spirits out of their bodies; particularly bodies that are "complicated," marginalized, or criminalized. I am interested in the intersections of fiction, myth, and wildness with intimate/physical space; such as tattooing.

I actively attempt to practice anti-oppression in my life--one thing that this means is that I will not tattoo any imagery that feels appropriative. For example, I, as a white person, will not tattoo things such as sugar skulls, indigenous american imagery, or icons from other non-white cultures on other white people. They are not mine to give, or take.

Music, prints, more thought, photographs, and tattoos at noellelonghaul.com.

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Licensed Tattoo Apprentice in the Commonwealth Massachusetts


  • BFA in Printmaking at RISD, class of 2013